As a part of the BAM alliance we have a fixed income team who can purchase fixed income securities in the secondary market. Based on a 2014 WSJ study this saves an individual investor 1.73% on the price of bonds or $1730 for every $100,000 purchase of bonds. The traditional broker/dealer model holds an inventory of bonds that they subsequently mark up in price for a gain and then sell to individuals. With BAM they hold no inventory and have no ability to mark up bond prices. Furthermore, by being able to operate on an institutional level they can place broker dealers in competition with each other to reduce the price paid on bonds. As an RIA upheld to the fiduciary standard, we must purchase securities available to you that meet your suitability and have the lowest cost, i.e. best interest. We took our business model a step further to make it so what is in your best interest is available to you by partnering with the BAM alliance.