To explain this in a jiffy...we like Nobel Prize winners.
The work these four Nobel Prize recipients did is what most our investment philosophy is based off.
Harry Markowitz, Modern Portfolio Theory, Nobel Lecture, December 7, 1990
William F. Sharpe, Capital Asset Pricing Model, Nobel Lecture, December 7, 1990
Daniel Kahneman, Maps of Bounded Rationality, Nobel Lecture, December 8, 2002
Eugene F. Fama, Two Pillars of Asset Pricing, Nobel Lecture, December 8, 2013
We invest using the tenants of Modern Portfolio Theory and the most recent and continually updated academic research. At BAM, there is a research team whose job is to stay up to date on peer reviewed academic studies. They read through academic journals like the Journal of Finance, Financial Analysts Journal, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Economic Theory, and the Journal of Portfolio Management for examples. The following articles are some of the key papers our investment philosophy is based off. 


Arnott, Robert D. and Andrew L. Berkin, and Jia Ye, "How well have taxable investors been served in the 1980s and 1990s?" Journal of Portfolio Management, 2000.

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*Fama, Eugene F., and Kenneth R. French, 1992, "The cross-section of expected stock returns," Journal of Finance 47, 427-465.
(The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2013 was awarded jointly to Eugene F. Fama, Lars Peter Hansen and Robert J. Shiller "for their empirical analysis of asset prices" This paper by Fama is his primary contribution for being awarded the Nobel Prize.)


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